Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beam Me Up

Okay, so I thought I was so incredibly clever to have noticed the strange resemblance between Barack Obama and Lt. Commander Tuvok on television's Star Trek: Voyager. I like to think that I capture quite a bit of what is being said out there in the political realm as well as the sci fi realm, and since no one I correspond with or read had commented on this, well, I decluded myself that I had some unique grand insight. If I had bothered to do something as simple as do a Google search on the names Tuvok Obama, I would have discovered very quickly that there is a whole cottage industry out there of entire web sites devoted to this strange resemblance and what it means. I guess I should have known. This is, after all, the internet. If you can find web sites questioning whether Obama was born on American soil, then it should be no surprise that there would be some questioning whether he was even born on this planet.

For the record, the chatter seems to be evolving from whether Obama is a space alien, specificually a Vulcan, to whether he is not a hologram. That is, is he a projection of light and force fields generated by a computer to convincingly simulate a real human being? I suppose this is a form of flattery, suggesting that Obama is a bit too perfect to be real. But it can also be seen as dismissing him as an empty suit with his ideas and rhetoric pre-programmed by someone else. Presumably by Nancy Pelosi?

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